1. The Bonang by Cell C App is available from 00:00:01, on 07 August 2017.

2. The Bonang by Cell C App is available as a recurring service to valid Prepaid, Top Up and Postpaid customers on Cell C and non-Cell C customers.

3. The Bonang by Cell C App entitles customers to exclusive celebrity content, competitions and unique opportunities to interact with the celebrity.

4. The subscription fee is R3 per day, and R50 per month (incl VAT) for Prepaid and Postpaid customers respectively. Non-Cell C customers will pay a subscription cost of R60 per month on Google Play or R59.99 per month on iOS.

5. The Bonang by Cell C App will be charged in advance to Postpaid customers’ Cell C bill or will be deducted from  Prepaid and Top Up customers’ airtime.

6. The R50 (fifty Rand) subscription fee will not be pro-rated. Customers activating the Bonang by Cell C App any time during the month will be charged the full price for that month.

7. Downloading the Bonang by Cell C App will incur data costs as per the customer’s tariff plan. Any software updates for the Bonang by Cell C App (when available) will also incur data charges, and any usage or update charges will be for the customer’s own account.

8. At launch, each customer will be offered a free 7 day period for the premium service in which they will receive premium content. On day 7, customers will be notified that charging will commence from the next day. At this point customers can opt out of the service or continue to the charging model from day 8. The freemium promotion will run for 216 days until 31 December 2019, thereafter customers will be charged from the first day of activation of the Bonang By Cell C service.


Using the Service:

9. The Bonang by Cell C App is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple app Store by simply searching for “Bonang” or “Bonang by Cell C” .

10. After downloading the app, the customer will open the App, accept the Terms and Conditions and subscribe to the service in-app by following the prompts.

11. Alternatively, subscription to the service can be done via USSD by dialing *133*100# or SMSing “B” to 14720 (free SMS).

12. Non-Cell C customers can only subscribe in-app and will be charged to their credit card or cheque card or iTunes account.

13. A message confirming the Bonang by Cell C App subscription and billing will be sent to the customer. Cell C shall not be liable for any subscription, download and / or usage charges in relation to the Bonang by Cell C service, and this will be for the customer’s own account irrespective of whether or not the customer downloaded the Bonang by Cell C App.

14. Once subscribed, the customer will be billed in advance on a recurring basis until they opt out of the Bonang by Cell C service.

15. If a user doesn’t have credit at the time of a charge attempt, subsequent attempts to charge him/her within the day will be performed.

16. Upon successful charge, the user will receive access to all available categories in the App, and in the case of unsuccessful charge the user will only get access to the “24/7 Social Media Updates” category only.

17. Any requests for service where the subscription fee is unpaid will not be processed until the outstanding fees are brought to date.

18. The subscriber can deactivate the Bonang by Cell C service in-app, by sending STOP, CANCEL, QUIT or EXIT to  14720 (free SMS) or by dialing *133*101#.

19. If the subscriber deactivates subscription to the Bonang by Cell C App and activates it again, the customer will be treated as a first time subscriber.

20. If the customer upgrades or migrates to another package or tariff plan, the Bonang by Cell C App VAS will be carried across to the new package or tariff plan.

21. The Bonang by Cell C App is only available for consumer purchases and is not for commercial business usage.

22. The service is not available to Corporate, MVNO, MVNE’s, Community payphones,  XSP and LCR.

23. The Bonang by Cell C App is only available for use in South Africa.

24. Customer enquiries will be supported via Cell C  Customer Care on 084 140.

25. Prices include VAT at 15%.